Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oops, We Missed

In early November, the US military made an announcement saying that its five air strikes had "intended effects."  These air strikes targeted the Khorasan Group in Syria.  The Khorasan Group is made up of senior al Qaeda leaders who have moved into Syria.

 The air strikes hit a vehicle believed to be carrying David Drugeon.  Drugeon is a French jihadist who is a skilled bomb maker.  He has been connected to core al Qaeda members in Pakistan.

 While Drugeon was not mentioned by name in the announcement, it was implied that his death was part of the "intended effects."

American intelligence reported that the Khorasan Group was plotting against Western targets, including the American homeland.  Part of these plans included developing bombs that could beat airport security.  Connections were also made between Drugeon and al Qaeda's master bomb maker Ibrahim al Asiri in Yemen.

Drugeon is also believed to be deeply involved in facilitating the movement of fighters to and from Europe and in planning attacks in Europe.

US officials announced today that they have reason to believe Drugeon survived the November air strikes.  Intelligence reports have indicated that Drugeon was seriously injured in the strike that hit his vehicle and then immediately driven away for treatment at a secure location.

This information has been revealed by the monitoring of al Qaeda and Khorasan communications and human intelligence.

Drugeon is considered to be one of the most dangerous operatives in the global al Qaeda network because of his knowledge of explosives, European background, and access to Western fighters. With that in mind, we've got our fingers crossed that next time we send an air strike after him, he won't be so lucky.

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