Monday, September 17, 2007

Second Summit Meeting in the Korean Peninsula

What are the meanings of the second inter-Korean summit meeting?

Second summit meeting will be held on 2 – 4, October, 2007. This will be a meaningful in many ways as I suggested below. Let me compare the two meetings.

The first summit meeting in June, 2000 was come about when there was no trust between North and South. And there was no contact between government officials. Rather, the Hyundai’s role as intermediary was devotional.

First of all, however, the second summit meeting will be held with the results of frequent dialogues and negotiations--owing to the U.S. and multilateral conversations. Second, Kaesong Industrial Complex and other economic projects are being carried out in positive senses. Third, as I mentioned above, the government’s official channel made it possible to have the second meeting.

This summit meeting will be meaningful in its contents. This meeting will definitely deal with the nuclear issue first. Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is the basic premise of the successes of the 13 February, 2007 Six-Party Talks. For two Koreas, security is the most important issue to be solved for the further progress in a bilateral relation. If the nuclear problem solved, South Korea have enough intention to assist North Korea in a various ways.

In this sense, South Korea can play a crucial role in securing stability and finally the reunification of the two Koreas. In regard to security issue, NLL (Northern Limitation Line) issue—the most urgent problem is expect to be suggested. North Korea does not recognize the existence of this line; whereas South Korea is firmly insist on the existence of this line, so there are many possibilities of conflict in the West Sea, as some North Korean Navy skirmish cases showed. Summit meeting will deal with this line seriously. Of course, this will not be easily solved in one time, but gradually there will be much more specific meetings. Accordingly, I expect this second summit meeting will institutionalize the inter-Korean summit meeting further.


Nick Fury said...

I wonder is talks such as these are the best means for the reunification of Korea?

It is tempting to wait for the inevitable collapse of the Kim reign and to have S. Korea assimilate N. Korea once the country implodes politically and economically.

Someone will need to pick up the pieces.

woori01e said...

N.Korea is not a group of gangs but a "state" which is composed of many bureaucracies and governmental officials. How can we merely say that N.Korea will be collapsed in the future? Of course, N.Korea is weak, however, we need to know how the small states can play sometimes a bigger role than major powers. N.Korea still have enough ability to produce nuclear weapons (some facilities, the scientists, and uraniums). If we are the students who study Diplomacy, we must not neglect any small country.

ROK should prepare for the reunification. It means that we need many direct interactions with North (dialogues and meetings, and so on) to know them exactly. In fact, there are not many truth and story on N.Korea-it is secret country. We know many things about Iran, but not N.Korea!! Why held meetings? It is very simple. If you know your enemy and your self, and then you will not be defeated (Korean Proverb). F-16 can't solve the issues of Korean peninsula.

ROK and DPRK is originally same people. Not any South Koreans think North Koreans merely the enemy. We have our separated family in the North, and we hope to meet and live together. Nobody in the South want the North to self-collapse. But we want a peaceful reunification with a South-driven peaceful way. Those families who inhabited in North would share the same ideas.