Thursday, September 20, 2007

Death to, Pakistan!

Reports now say the the next video out of the bin Laden camp is going to call for jihad against...Pakistan.

Welcome to the party, Pakistan.

Apparently, UbL is hacked off by the Musharraf government for its management of the Red Mosque issue and by his dodgy rule as a whole (read: cooperation with the Great Satan). Things are really up in the air in Pakistan now with the good general's relinquishing control of the military if elected properly...or whatever his mindset happens to be this week. Either way, UbL has chosen a tricky period in which to get into fisticuffs with Pakistan.

Seeing as how the Taliban and perhaps UbL himself managed to stay alive by hiding along or even inside the border with Pakistan, it might not be the best move to tamper with this relationship. Isn't there a saying about not pooping where you sleep? If not, there needs to be.

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