Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Reaction to Iraq Study Report

Grave, Dire and Deteriorating is the headline on the Iraq Study Group report.
Reach out, not reject countries in the region. The status quo is no longer valid.
Striking is the language expressed in this report, compared to that which the President spoke months and weeks leading up to the midterm elections. The Democrats should be applauding on the hill since the goal of setting benchmarks was clearly outlined. My reaction favorable to the idea of putting pressure on the Maliki government to perform because the US will not be able to lead the efforts much longer. I think this rhetoric is way overdue. Though I'm not convinced that sanctions are the answers. We did, after all, cause this mess. I'd like to see a troop withdraw only have the mode of the the current troop levels are changed from combat to training, then start pulling out. But for crying out loud, equip their soldiers well!

But is this is simply another waste of taxpayer dollars. How much did we spend for the panel to decide what we were doing over there was not working? Seems to me the average guy on the street knew this long ago, for a lot less money. Now, what we have to ask ourselves is - Is the Bush adminstration willing, or able, to admit we've been peeing in the wind all this time. Wasted billions of dollars, lost lives, the cost is far more than 1 Trillion dollars, much more, and in the meantime, these guys sit around scratching themselves wondering if the American public knows more than they do. I think we all know the answer to that question.

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