Friday, December 08, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Time to pull out that Queen greatest hits album again and listen to some Bicycle Races, Fat Bottomed Girls, and oh yeah ...

It looks like we're continuing to have problems with our missile defense technology. Drudge linked a story today about a missile test designed to intercept two missiles fired from the same location today. Although the story also reports that it's only the second try in nine attempts to go awry, it seems that all we hear about are the failures in this technology, but obviously things are going right if they're batting .778 on this type of test. So, lacking the expert knowledge of these issues that I'm sure other members of my class possess, I must ask what are the prospects of our missile technology actually becoming completely operational, and how viable is the Strategic Defense Initiative program? It seems to have dropped off the radar lately.

Oh, and to tie this in with this week's readings (ever so loosely, I guess), is there any perception out there that the US's policy on missile defense and the ABM Treaty has
hurt the US that greatly in world opinion in relation compared to events that have surely had negative impact? Or is this an area that riles other states, but they really don't care too much. Grazie, and have a good one.

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