Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Iraq Tea Party

I’m sure you all have read that Mr. Maliki Iraq’s Prime Minister is sending envoys to neighboring states in the region to persuade them to attend a conference regarding regional support to stop the violence. Now, there s much that can come of this both good and bad; but what should be noticed is that Iraq is looking for help from others, rather than from America at this point.

First the bad, since it is always good to end on a happy note. This could bring about much more sectarian violence. It is no secret that states in the region have interests if certain tribes or groups gain power. Iran for example would love Iraq to be a Shiite state. This might cause certain states to refuse to help quell the violence unless their demands are met. Some may add fuel to the fire raging in Iraq just out of spite. By Iraq becoming closer to the states that are not on America’s top 10 favorite lists, it could eventually cause the new and improved Iraq to be less what the United States wants it to be.

Now the good, this cooperation between the states in the region could reduce the amount of workload on the American military in Iraq. By some of their soldiers coming into Iraq and aiding in training Iraq’s troops and securing the ground, but more likely by them coordinating cease fires amongst the insurgency groups. These states may have the influence needed to stop much of the violence taking place in Iraq. Most importantly, this could bring stability and peace to the region. Individually, these states are major competitors with individual interests, but working together, they become a team with a mutual interest. Sure, they are only working together on one topic, but it is a major topic that affects them all. They will be working and meeting together resolving a major problem that has serious consequences if it fails. This may bring about understanding of their neighbors and possibly a political relationship that could prove to be very strong. By them working to build a stable, successful Iraq, it would be a sign that something good can come from the region if the states work together.

I know this sounds very hopeful and possibly naïve, but you never know what could come of this. If all the states agree to work on the Iraq issue, it could be one step towards quelling the violence in the region and a stability that would change the region as a whole, especially if the major states become involved.

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