Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beware Bushie Boy

Until today, the PM of Iraq has been pretty resistant to asking for region help in deescalating the violance in Iraq. Certainly the Dems have backed this idea as does Baker and his ole' study group. Sounds like this request might have to knock 43 off his tenant of US lead- pro unity government? Now Maiki's calling for a regional conference?

But then Al-Hakim, his rival Shiia cohort is quoted as saying “We believe that the Iraqi issue should be solved by the Iraqis, with the help of friends everywhere, but we reject any attempts to have a regional or international role in solving the Iraqi issue. " So who's Bush going to back and will he rebuff the idea on talking to Syria and Iran? Both Shiia leaders have close ties to Iran, Al-Hakim having lived there for the last 20 years. Look like Iraq acutally better start installing some visable Sunnis if you want a unitary government.

You got the Sunni's in Saudi Arabia and Egypt lobbying Bush not to let Iran get involved - which, if you think about it, seems like all bets are off. Because here you've got Maliki talking to Iran about offering support, which the US clearly doesn't want, nor do Sunnis anywhere. But then you've got White House headlines of Bush's meeting with Al-Hakim, his Shiia rival who wants to partition the country, just the opposite of what Bush and Maliki want. Wouldn't this (1)send a message to Maliki that he really isn't the 'right man for the job', just a week after both leaders met in Jordan and (2) justify leverage for the Iraq government seek support from Tehran, since both have strong relations with them.
Seems to me, NOBODY knows what the hell to do and proves both the Mid East and Washington are cutting further between that "iraq and a hard place" Wonder who Bush is going to listen too?


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