Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ortega II: The Rise of The Marxists?

Unfortunately, Dr. Duke Nukem's post on the apparent return of Daniel Ortega to power in Nicaragua didn't get quite the attention it deserved. This is understandable though, because the guilty verdict of Saddam is, while inevitable, very important.

Taking a timeout from Saddam-talk for a second (My two cents: the rest of his life spent in solitary confinement, followed by an eternity in hell, is more of a punishment for a man who spent the last 25 plus years in extreme luxury than a quick death at the gallows), I'd like to return to the topic of Marxism returning to the Western Hemisphere, and most importantly, why it isn't a big deal.

Firstly, it is important to point out that Ortega appears to have been democratically elected. So, I don't want to hear anybody bitching about him getting elected. Secondly, Ortega's election has no implications on American national security. The USSR doesn't exist anymore, so there is no fear that Nicaragua will be a launching pad for ICBMs. To be upset that leftists have come into power is sooo Cold War. Ortega himself has said that, while he is still a leftist, he no longer considers himself a Marxist--but a pragmatist. He even chose a political opponent as his running mate. The NY Times reports that his election seems to be as much a result of blowback against the corrupt former regime as anything else.

What type affect this could have on the US, if any, is in economic terms. I'm not well-versed in how the Nicagaruan government operates, but maybe Ortega's ascenion could result in the Nicagaruan government pulling out of CAFTA and future trade deals? The people of Latin America see on the one hand some countries in their region fairing poorly with free trade (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia), but on the other hand have seen just as many countries succeed with it (Chile, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica). Maybe Nicagurans are ready for a new approach. I don't think walking away from free trade deals is the right way to go, but they'll figure that out by themselves.

Lastly, who cares if he has support from Hugo Chavez? Recent elections in the Andes and Central America have shown that Chavez's support is just as often a "death kiss" as it is helpful. I'd be willing to vote for Ortega based on the simple fact that Oliver North took the time to campaign against him.


Dr. Duke Nukem said...

True, Ortega is hardly likely to start campaigning for a Nicaraguan-led invasion of the US...although that would make an awesome movie.

The economic aspect is my only concern. And I think that carries a lot of weight. Ortega himself may have some good ideas, but if they fail, and people decide that he wasn't radical enough...then we might have issues. But that's a vague concern, and it shows how little I know about the subject.

Thank you for trying to focus more attention on Ortega.

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