Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blowing off some steam...replys welcomed, cause I ain't no genius

My looming thought of the day went something like this: (and without trying to sound to Andy Rooney-esque)

You know, all I hear from the our politicians are generalization plans, get the troops out, send more over, create a timeline,, get out in 4 months, get out when we have the job done, and on and on. It's making me a little dizzy and frustrated.

I wish the government would host a town hall style open forum, simply for the goal of educating the public as to the specifics in such plans, and more over, I wish the Bush Admin would attend. I mean, honestly Mr. President, I do respect you and the office of the Presidency, but announcing that Al-Qaeda is the biggest threat to the stability of Iraq? Who is he fooling? Even Gen. Abazaid said they're a small threat, 2-3% of the actual number of estimated insurgents. We all know it's the sectarian militias and dead squads.

I'd offer up the following suggestions to at least announce publicly so that the Am. public at least perceives of some progress: (maybe our media - God bless their shallow souls - will seek out legislatures to report on this.

Equip Iraqi army with better gear--our gear - to keep them safe. All they have is some dinky vest and bullets are scarce. We need more ADVISORS, not just troops, that have combat experience, critical to help train Iraqis so maybe BENCHMARKS can be set for a US departure, not just a timeless. I hate when throws around the word 'timeless'. I think it's a cop-out and cowardly answer.

The Admin. should be announcing Iraqi views of whether a central government would function or if partitioning the country would work for a safe and more stable country. I, personally, think the only way Iraq will gain peace is if the people are lead by their own sect. Don't under estimate the characteristics of comfortability and similarity that make for stability.

I'd like to hear more about oil money distribution and how the US would prefer to see that happen, regardless what Iraq thinks, although it should be done how Iraq wants. I think all EU and US reconstruction projects should be divided, giving 1/2 to Iraqi people. Help them form their own cooperatives to foster good citizenship, infusing the money into the country by means of local participation. Then the US won't be seen as 'just in it for the oil'. And how about training Iraqi youth in developing enterprises and small business so they’d be less likely to get snatched up by Al Qaeda and given AK-47’s at 15 years old. Where’s that being announcing in the US plan?

Finally, whenever the violence dwindles, start a massive Joe Nye soft power movement and bring 1000's of Iraqis over to the US to study and earn degrees and foster exchange programs...in the distant future, I know. Europe should no less contribute to this too.

So I hope the Dems will start getting to work. I'm still hearing a bunch of gloating from their throwns in Congress.

Ok, I feel better. Thank you to those 1-2% who actually read my venting.


Gus Van Rant said...

"Equip Iraqi army with better gear--our gear - to keep them safe. All they have is some dinky vest and bullets are scarce."

Great idea. This way, American grade millitary equipment can be used against Coalition forces and Iraqis of a different sect. How should we stop sectarian violence? By giving the corrupt Iraqi police and military more lethal weapons. Brilliant.

Dr. Duke Nukem said...

Yeah, last time I checked we were having a hard enough time getting our own troops equipped - let alone someone we can't be certain moonlights as an insurgent.

It'll be a step eventually, though. Just not now.

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