Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Game of Speakers

           On Thursday, October 8th, House Republicans will vote to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House.  Following Thursday's secret ballot, there will be a full floor vote later in the month.
            In response to the lack of enthusiasm for front-runner McCarthy, Chaffetz announced his campaign for the position on Sunday, October 4th, reiterating that there would not be enough House support for McCarthy when it came down to the vote later this month. 
            McCarthyinfuriated Republicans in his efforts to improve his stance on foreign policy and national security when he insinuated that the House oversight investigations over the attacks in Benghazi had politically affected Hillary Clinton, which the Republican Party has continued to claim that the investigations were non-political.
            Although an apology followed McCarthy's presumptuous statements, he still proceeded to make bold statements claiming that his approach to foreign policy and defense is drastically better than anyone else's.  In summary, McCarthy believes that President Obama does not adequately support American allies and that his diplomacy skills are severely lacking.  Further, McCarthy backs a conflict based foreign policy rather than a diplomatic one, being quoted saying that, "strength and resolve bring peace and security."  Additionally, McCarthy goes as far as saying that leaders in areas of conflict such as Russia, Iran, and Syria, only become serious with dealing with the United States when military action is threatened because it "is the only language they understand."
            In essence, McCarthy has, as of late, threatened his support with his outlandish statements and his comments on the House oversight investigations, calling Republicans to encourage Chaffetz to put his name in this game of speakers, further causing internal drama that is hurting the GOP. This detriment to the Party is due to the fact that the race for House Speaker is so high profile, especially since it is occurring amidst an already complicated Presidential election.  Once again illustrating that the GOP is falling into the trap of being their own worst enemy, having a House and a Senate under Republican control and still not being able to formulate a unified agenda to put in front of President Obama regarding foreign policy, most notably a plan for national security as issues with ISIS become more and more dangerously complex.

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