Thursday, October 09, 2008

Terrorists Are Being Bred Among Us!

An article in the BBC News recently stated that 2 of the three men who carried out the terrorist attacks at Scotland’s Glasgow Airport last year were doctors. At least one of the men was born in the United Kingdom and was an Iraqi citizen. As more and more people with either a Muslim background or who adhere to Islam’s teachings move into Western cities, particularly London, the West must reexamine itself to see if this is a potential threat. I don’t want to be perceived as saying that all Muslim’s are terrorists. Not all of them are terrorists and they should never be thought of that way. However, if Muslim fundamentalists are the primary ones responsible for terrorist attacks and if they are people that have been born and raised in the West, then we must see if there is something that we are doing that is causing people to commit terrorist attacks or at the very least causing them to not like the West.

For many years now the Middle Eastern population in cities such as London has been increasing faster than that of the native population. This has caused some people to become concerned that their values, the values that the Western world holds to such as freedom to express one’s religion, would become watered down or nullified by the immigrants substituting their own set of values for theirs. This has been a major reason why Turkey has yet to receive admission into the European Union. People are afraid that if too many Muslims move into their country then they will begin to be elected to city councils and federal governments, which would then cause their country to become more favorable of Middle Eastern countries and their policies.

A major factor in the United Kingdom that is giving Muslim’s inroads into the Western culture has been the allowance of Islamic sharia courts. By doing this the United Kingdom is effectively saying that it is okay to not abide by its laws and instead to use Islamic law to settle disputes. These two legal systems are based on completely different foundations that are opposed in almost every way. The United Kingdom’s, and most Western nations’ legal system is based on secular or Christian ideas whereas sharia courts are based on the teachings of Islam. What is going to happen when a verdict given by a sharia court is contrary to the English legal system?

In America we pride ourselves on the ability to assimilate people from every nation. Being American is not an ethnic identity; it is adhering to cultural and moral values. A Japanese person cannot move to the United States and set up a court that recognizes the Japanese legal system because there are certain points where it would differ from the American legal system. Likewise, the English are recognizing a legal system that is completely contrary to their own in many ways. Doing this legitimizes Islamic law and sets a precedent that will be hard, if not impossible to overturn. The next step will be for the higher English courts to begin ruling in favor of sharia verdicts, thus watering down their own values.

The United Kingdom, and the rest of the West, must adhere to the principles that allowed them to become great nations. They cannot favor one religion over the other and they must not allow people to move into their land and not follow their laws. If the present trend in the UK keeps up then before long there is going to be a Western nation that is sympathetic to the policies of Muslim countries when they seek to attack the West. This cannot be allowed to happen and we in the United States as the leader of the West must stand up and show other Western nations how to assimilate people of different ethnic backgrounds into their culture so that they strengthen our country instead of weakening it.


Delta Blue said...

To be even more inflammatory than I already have been this evening in the comments sections....

I was doing some research into this topic recently, and there are whole books on it. I agree with your analysis but I think it can go further. In one of the books I'm reading, the author makes the argument that Islamic extremism seems to function as the militant arm of the political left (Talk about strange bedfellows...). Basically, in the UK, many extremists use the "right to free speech" to protect their ability to say whatever they choose, even if they are inciting hate and murder, and they claim infringement of civil liberties anytime they are told there may be bans and restrictions placed on their ability to meet. (Hmmm... irony? Extremists don't want to allow free speech or civil liberties in the caliphate they want to bring back, but they want these rights to create the caliphate?) And where to they get support? The political left, who claim that free speech and civil liberties can't be stopped in a western democracy. I believe the UK is heading down a dangerous path right now, and by the time many in the UK realize it, it may be too late.

Joe said...

I would agree with you entirely Delta. Muslim fundamentalists are using our own laws against us. They claim that they need the right to free speech to express their views, but when they go too far and begin to antagonize people or threaten them and are told to stop, they claim that we are violating their right to free speech. When is the UK going to realize that it is headed down a path that is leading to a Muslim state in the Western world?