Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maybe he's not a complete dick...

Apparently David Axe does believe in some amount of humanitarian assistance and even military intervention.

In his most recent blog post at War is Boring, he writes about the cholera epidemic hitting Africa. He also talks about positive developments in combating piracy, and applauds efforts to try to fight both problems. In particular, he seems to worry about piracy in that it affects food aid from getting to the starving people of Somalia.

It doesn't make up for everything, but maybe there's a glimmer of a decent person in there after all.


J. said...

Hey, the Axe-man is okay. He's a young, hard-charger, maybe a little naive and biased to the left, but his heart (and brain) is in the right place. Watch him. He's going places.

OMARCOMIN! said...

I think David Axe may be commenting on our blog.