Friday, October 31, 2008

Senator (Heinz) Kerry as our next What!?!

Over the past three weeks, Senator John Kerry’s name has popped up as a possibility for the positions of Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State. Allow me to address primarily the first of these positions. WHAT!?! Secretary of Defense Kerry. That sounds like I just heard someone say “Really, we should consider allowing W to hold a third term.” I’m sure that a vast majority of us will agree that the latter of these statements is ludicrous. Allow me to remind you why the former is equally as nuts.

John Kerry once equated the lack of an education to the common American soldier. His exact words went something like this, “if you make an effort to be smart, you can do well, if you don’t, you can get stuck in Iraq.” Maybe you forgot this line…
This coming from a guy who swears he did heroic things in Vietnam. Now I ask you, how could our soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors look up to a guy like this? How important is it that they can respect him? First, they won’t admire him, and they certainly won’t look to him for support…his words have shown that he will not have them in his best interest. Second, the must respect the Secretary of Defense, and they must have faith that he, the Secretary of the Army, and the President will work well with the Joint Chiefs and the Regional Commanders.

If you believe Senator Kerry’s words hold water, then hold on tight. A recent GAO report shows that the middle and upper classes are over represented in the military. This study shows that those families reporting an annual income of more than $42,040 are overrepresented. Many experts believe that the income of a neighborhood is directly related to the type of education that one would receive in that district. With that being said, our soldiers, many of which come from the middle and upper class, are certainly receiving good educations.

Furthermore, military enlistees outperformed the remainder of the US population on the Armed Forces Qualification test. In a day and age where all anyone wants to talk about is the declining standards of the US military, I hold this statistic up to you in direct contrast to what you’ve been fed by the media…

One can readily see that Kerry was talking out his donkey’s rear when he made his infamous statement - never mind that he made it while soldiers were fighting abroad in a war he voted in favor of…
“Senator John Kerry said Monday that
he would have voted to give the president the authority to
invade Iraq even if he had known all he does now about the
apparent dearth of unconventional weapons
or a close
connection to Al Qaeda.”
(NYT, Aug 04)

Certainly, John Kerry is not the type of man that needs to lead our Armed Forces. Not only does he misunderstand the capabilities and potential of his soldiers, but he also seems to have lost control of his internal monologue in the process. If he can’t watch his tongue when it counts, he may also SUCK as Secretary of State.


Anonymous said...

First, that comment about the troops as you refer to it was actually a comment about Pres. Bush, not being prepared when it was necessary and goofing off instead of studying hard. Those comments were never directed at our wonderful troops. Second, I know of no one who supports and fights for the needs and for the protection of our troops more than Senator Kerry. You don't have to take my word for it, check out the votes and the record.
Frankly, Senator Kerry would make a great Secretary of Defense, but truthfully, I would like to see him as Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

lol Heinz i see what u did there dood