Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's the use of having such a superb military...

DPRK propaganda video

The latest sanctions imposed upon the DPRK are merely another indicator that the UN is a feckless, antiquated, vestigial, gathering of tricotteuses. Are you people kidding me? Sanctions? Since it worked wonders in halting him from developing the first batch, let’s keep trying! I honestly ask you, my good readers: what’s left for the DPRK to import? Further, what does this situation say about American credibility?

We invaded Iraq under the assumption that Saddam had (or was developing) nukes, we continue to avoid Iran like a public toilet on a Peter Pan bus, and then we ask the world to stop giving Kim Jong Il spare parts for his new nukes. Anyone see a logical disjoint here? The lesson, time and again, is that rogue states should develop nukes as quickly as possible because they ARE an effective deterrent to the US. We see a state with nukes and suddenly we act like a high-school freshman asking a cheerleader to the dance. How dare we.

Not that it's going to accomplish anything, but we should keep pushing the UN to fight. So long as they do what we want, I can tolerate them; otherwise, we can put them out to pasture at the same farm where the League of Nations stays. Maybe they’ll surprise us.

I don’t care if it’s a cry for help and I don’t care if it would destabilize his regime: the cool part of being a hegemony is that you don’t have to tolerate something that annoys you-- not so long as you have an aircraft carrier group within 1000 miles. The DPRK possessing nukes is simply unacceptable to America. Yeah, I know we can’t make Iraq a democracy, and I know that the world doesn’t like us, and I know that gas costs too much, but I can assure that we can beat the crap out of Kim and take his nukes away.

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