Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Riding the Straight Talk Express Directly to BullSh*t Town

I like MSNBC's Hardball alright. I like how its host, Chris Matthews, tries to be nonpartisan most of the time, which makes up for his really dumb moments. For me, its a welcome change from the bombastic, fiercly partisan talking heads that are on all the other shows. So anyway, I tuned in last week and caught John McCain's interview.

A question was asked by a Iowa State student about having gays in the military. McCain said, "When generals come to me and say its time, then it'll be time (to have gays in the military)." He was worried about what having gays in the military would do to the military's effectiveness. Forget the political traingulation that McCain has overused as of late and just know that I think this view is malarkey.

Does McCain think that the Israeli and British militaries are inefficient? Because they both allow gays to serve openly in their ranks. How many gays have been kicked out of the military since 9/11 who were fluent in Arabic, Urdu, Pastun, and Dari because of their sexual preference? I'd say a quick Google search that I'm too lazy for would reveal close to one hundred. Also, as one of my favorite West Wing characters once said, "Will gays disrupt the military? Probably, but they would have said the same thing about me 50 years ago." How can this party be for a stout national defense and at the same time fire people who want to serve in a military that's seen its enrollment numbers down and who are fluent in strategically important languages?

In other unrelated news, it would appear that Karl Rove's "October Suprise" is to admit that the Iraq policy is a complete failure. I guess, one, Bin Laden wasn't available; and two, setting a time table is no longer a bad thing. It's almost comical in a really, really tragic way.

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