Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hezbollah Ho-Down

In class last week we talked a little bit about terrorism, and how effective Hezbollah performs acts of "terrorism." Recent events, if nothing else, give one the impression that Hezbollah is for real. As far as terrorist organizations go, they make Al-Qaeda look like the JV team. I'm suprised/impressed at how well they've fared against some of Israel's best forces in southern Lebanon. This could be the second time in 25 years that they've forced Israel to pull out of Lebanon. They've accomplished more than any of the other conventional Arab militaries in the region. Hezbollah must have greater strategic thinkers and leaders. There also must be within their chain of command better honesty about realities on the ground--all things that hamper Arab militaries.

Here are some videos from 2000 of Hezbollah. I have no way of verifying if they are indeed fighting IDF forces, but if they are you can see how well they utilize artillery fire to suppress an uphill position as a small unit advances using cover and combined arms--all while clearing booby traps. These offensive tactics are complex and demand a high level of training. If they were speaking English, one might believe them to be Marines or the Black Watch (if you consider what the Scots speak as English) .

Video 1.

Video 1 continued.

Newsweek has an excellent article about the advanced technology and tactics employed by Hezbollah. Selected parts:

"They've reportedly destroyed three of Israel's advanced Merkava tanks with wire-guided missiles and powerful mines, crippled an Israeli warship with a surface-to-sea missile, sent up drones on reconnaissance missions, implanted listening devices along the border and set up their ambushes using night-vision goggles." (Emphasis mine.)


"According to a recent study by terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp at the Swedish National Defense College, its shopping list included night-vision goggles, Global Positioning Systems, advanced software for aircraft design, stun guns, nitrogen cutters, naval equipment, laser range finders and even ultrasonic dog repellers."

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