Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clooney to the Rescue!!!

"Oscar-winning actor George Clooney has made an impassioned speech to the UN Security Council over continuing violence in the Darfur region of Sudan.

He told council members genocide was taking place "on your watch" and how they responded "is your legacy".

Mr Clooney was speaking at a special informal session hosted by the US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. "

Not sure what exactly this says about the U.N., but good for the Clooney clan. Joining forces with John Bolton, no less. Just imagine what one of the better Batmen like Adam West or Michael Keaton could have accomplished.

Also of note: the BBC giving Clooney top billing in his remarks to the U.N. over Elie Wiesel's.


Gus Van Rant said...

If the Security Council hasn't acted yet, they certainly will at the behest of the first lead in Ocean's 12.

travelholic said...

I agree with Van Rant. The UN Sec. Gen is from Africa. How in the world are you going to let the largest humanitarian crisis ever be handed over to the likes of Hollywood and the debunked African Union. It's a true disgrace on the UN leadership. I guess I can praise Hollywood for bring this more to the attention of the public and taking on poverty and humanitarian issues. I mean, the truth is more people would react to Clooney's speech at the UN over the words of Annan. It beats staying on Rodeo flaunting their Harry Winston's and Jimmy Choo's.