Monday, September 25, 2006

CIA's new Assassin Recruitment Poster

Since the CIA was for so long out of the assassination business, they are probably in need of some new recruits. Though, you may not be the best person for a job at the CIA due to a not so perfect past. How could they deny you if you have your own gun, plane tickets to Afghanistan, and a hotel stay already scheduled. Doing a cost benefit analysis would quickly show that you would be a very good option for them. Since needing denyability about your involvement, any reporter or foreign intelligence officer would planely see by looking into your past that the CIA would never have hired you. Just looks as if our citizens have taken matters into our own hands, and have become vigilantis. Whats you thoughts?


ezio auditore said...

i do believe every person should aquite some training because if you home is being robbed having the element of surprise. being able to kill a man without him know he had been killed is a true skill. hence the name i have choosen. the feild in which id like to join is any form of assassin, but with some benefits such as dental and health insurance. but it is damn near impossible to become an assassin these days. in the dark ages a peice of cake. now a days. improbable

Anonymous said...

I would love to be an assassin because I find killing easy and fun. If is for good money then i will be happy to kill for whoever hires me.