Friday, February 10, 2006

Spy Work

There was an interesting news item that developed a little while before class today and we did not discuss it in class today. The development was that spy work program helped prevent an airplane hickjacking using a shoebomb and crashing it to the tallest building in Los Angeles. First of all I am curious why all of a sudden this became a public story or got unclassified, was it because of the critism of spy work program or did President Bush have another reason to discuss the program. I think that it is important to protect our national borders and I think President Bush was doing acting right especially if it helped to prevent a huge catastrophe. At the end of the day, national security is important and I think in a case like this it is ok to wiretap terroristic phone calls without getting a warrant in the court in order to keep it a classified information. It will be interesting to see if the public opinion of this program will improve in the next few days after more people will find out about the possible prevented attack.

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