Monday, February 27, 2006

Israel's tax withholding.

In this article here there is a discussion of tax withholding by the Israelis to the Palestinian authority because Hammas won the election. The tax withholdings are approxmiately $50 to $55 million.
Now should Israel give money to the Palestenians or not? Israel should continue withholding the money from the Palestenians as long as Hammas does not renounce the recognizition of Israel. In addition,Hammas is responsible for killing thousands of innocent Israeli civilians. In addition Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesman blamed the Palestenian authority for not being financially responsible with their money. Israel did say that perhaps money for the humanitarian issues will be given to them.
Hammas and the Palestinian authority are to blame for the money shortage, Hammas because they are still not recognizing Israel and the Palestenian Authority for spending money as they did. It will be interesting to see how Israel handles the transfer of the money to the Palestenian authority.

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