Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Make sure to read this NYT magazine article by Francis Fukuyama. Once a (the?) leading neocon, he has adjusted his arguments in light of the Iraq war.


Jesco said...

This is the best article I've read about the current crisis of American FP. I agree with Fukuyama in that it's important that we don't abandon our emphasis on promoting democracy and human rights, but that the approach of current NeoCons is all wrong. By militarizing our "spread of democracy," we're undermining our desire to be perceived as a benevolent hegemon.

One interesting point is that democracy or modernization aren't the solutions to terrorism; they actually produce Islamic radicalism. I definitely think this is true.

But Fukuyama left me hanging- what is the solution to terrorism? Do we rely completely on the State Department and USAID, as well as collective security organizations? It seems he thinks we should just wait it out, in the hopes that eventually social evolution will produce liberal democracies. So I don't think we should completely demilitarize our approach to terrorism. But as soon as we can, we should limit our fight to strategic and covert operations, while abandoning our moralistic spreading democracy justification.

Cavour said...

Bringing morality into international politics is always tricky, as there are multiple ways to view it. However, I'd like to respond to your comment about fighting terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. There's no real solution to it. Even if the entire world were as prosperous as the US, there would still be terrorists like the Aum Shinrikyo. All we can do is minimize the appeal of terrorist organizations while attempting to place safeguards against terrorist attacks.