Friday, December 09, 2011

Trouble in Lebanon

A bomb exploded in southern Lebanon earlier today near a United Nations convoy. Five peacekeepers were injured in the attack. This attack occurred near the city of Tyre, in Southern Lebanon. This is the third attack in this region this year. In May, six Italian peacekeepers were wounded and in July, six French soldiers were wounded near Tyre. UN forces remained in the region to keep the peace after the brief war between Hezbollah and Israel in 2006. This attack is said to have been a product of fear and unease in the country after uprisings in Syria and overall dissent in the Middle East during the Arab Spring.
There is much dispute in Lebanon now over the effects of the Syrian uprisings on the stability of Lebanon's government. The problem of Syrian influence continues to be divisive among the two leading parties in Lebanon, the March 8 movement (lead by Hezbollah) and the March 14 movement (or the Future Movement). Within each of the Lebanese movements feeling towards the Syrian uprising are polarizing attitudes for and against Syria's current government. These attitudes on Syria in both parties stem for Syria's military occupation in 2005.
Fears grow in Lebanon over the possiblity of violence in Syria spilling over the border. The difference of opinion within the two main parties of Lebanon could be the deciding factor in whether or not violence occurs. Another factor that contributes to stability in Lebanon's current political situation is the growing power of Hezbollah. Hezbollah has been steadfast in its support for the Syrian government and continues to gain political power in Lebanon's government. But with growing dissent on the subject within Hezbollah's own political party, Lebanon's future political situation could become unstable.


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