Friday, December 09, 2011

Time for Pakistan's Next Coup?

Oh Asif Ali Zardari. You’ve been around Pakistani politics a long enough time to realize when NOT to leave Pakistan. Actually for a civilian leader, there is never a good time to leave Pakistan. Coups have happened a lot historically. You should know that. You know exactly what happened to your father-in-law. And with the Memogate incident barely resolved, now is not the time to show weakness and opportunity to people who, at best, tolerate you. At worst, they want you dead and themselves back in power.

I realize that the stress of constantly worrying about when, where, and how the generals are going to remove you from power is exhausting. No one is surprised by the mild stroke, but really, why are you tempting them? They’re wounded and angry, and you leave for Dubai and may head to London. Your medical recovery could take weeks or months.

You’ve set up the military for a perfect coup situation. Get your family out while you can and lie low in London for a few years.

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