Friday, January 27, 2006

Hammas is not good for the region

Yesterday we discussed how complicated the situation can be if Hammas does not control the suicide attacks and the situation in the region will get out of control and the U.S will cut aid to the Palestinian authority which can further complicate the situation. It appears to be a surprise that Hammas won, however I am not surprised that Hammas has won the election in the Palestinian authority, after all Hammas was giving hope to majority of the Palestinian people by doing charity work and by carrying out suicide attacks against Israel. Most of the Palestinian people do not like Israel and would like it gone. What many people forget is that the Palestinians do not like the United States either and that Palestinians burned American flags after 9/11, our tragedy was a big celebration for them and I do not understand why we thought that the Palestinian people would elect a leader that would move the region forward. While democracy is United State's approach in many instances and speard of democracy is important, however in this particular instance it would have been better to nominate a leader in the Palestinian authority that would move the peace process further between the Palestinians and Israelis and somebody that can make progress in the region. I do not believe that Hammas organization is capable of moving the region forward and it will be interesting to see how the situation will develop in the next few years and only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. It's like what Tom Friedman said about al-Sadr as his armed gangs were ruling the ghettos in Iraq's South, "make him Minister of Labor so that the people can see that he is fallible, and not worth their time." Same thing in Palestine where now Hamas are the "adults of the house" and will be responsible for everything that happens in Palestine, good and bad.

Check out this Newsweek article. The first paragraph alone tells you everything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this link to the article will work:

Cavour said...

I see what you're saying, Anonymous, and I agree, to an extent. Right now, Hamas is in mostly as a protest vote against Fatah. In the long term, they'll either clean up the Palestinian Authority's act, or they'll be removed from power. Given how hard it is to clean up corruption, I'm betting the latter.

However, that being said, I think Waw Waw is right in that the Middle East is not going to be helped by Hamas. Hamas appears determined to stick to their ideological guns, which won't help anything. I wonder how long it will be before Hamas realizes that we weren't elected to take out Israel, but rather to clean house.