Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Exam

Final Exam
DIP 600: National Security Policy
December 14, 2009

Please answer one of the following three questions. Submit your exam by e-mail to Dr. Farley ( by 12:45pm today.
  1. Since 2001, the United States has taken several steps to reorganize and modernize its national security apparatus. Has this effort gone far enough, or too far? What additional steps would you recommend in order to reform the US national security establishment to face the threats of the post-Cold War world?
  2. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, the President described a relationship between US military power and the health of the international system. Did you find his argument compelling? Would a substantial decline in US military power herald a collapse of the modern, globalized international structure?
  3. According to a recent Pew poll, 44% of the American people now believe that China is the world’s leading economic power. What are the implications of this belief for US national strategy and foreign policy? Feel free to take the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the belief into consideration.