Monday, September 15, 2008

Centrifuges, Whirled Milk, & a Peaceful Iran

Centrifuges are utilized throughout the world for a multitude of peaceful purposes, like separating milk. However, they are most ominously utilized in the process of enriching uranium for the purposes of reactor fuel or weapons material. In fact, it is the quality and quantity of centrifuge(s) which dictates the rate and volume of enriched material output and enables stockpiling capabilities. Therefore, in accordance with the recent NY Times article, it is quite worrisome to note the recently declared efficiency gains made by Iran in regards to its centrifuge technology.

To begin, this revelation – if true – thrusts the world once more into worry over the now undeniable progression of an Iranian nuclear program. This ongoing development in international affairs is only exacerbated by a more confrontational Iran (following the leadership of Mahmud Amedinejahd) which appears at the moment to be manipulating the fear of nuclear armament as leverage in the expansion of influence and importance in the region. This system of diplomatic and political operating in itself is dangerous due to the potential of a renewed arms race, the prospect of a preemptive attack, and the chance of destabilization.

Perhaps more important, however, is the impact this technological development will have on the threat assessment produced by the United States in reference to Iran. With the increasing probability that Iran will soon have the capacity to produce weapons grade uranium (and produce in increasing volume), there will inevitably be a powerful shift in U.S. assessment and policy towards Iran to compensate for the burgeoning threat posed by a new, nuclear power in the Middle East.

This newest development will inevitably increase the tension in an already tenuous situation, and will hopefully generate a new pressure for multilateral negotiations, but will more likely expedite the danger of a volatile confrontation.

"Nuclear Agency Says Iran Has Improved Enrichment"


Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The report also says that Iran's nuclear program is under safeguards and produces only low-enriched uranium that cannot be used to make bombs, and that the IAEA doesn't have any evidence itself to back up the allegations against Iran either.

Anonymous said...

Right, it's all another intel coup so we can go to war.....

This is why the effects of Iraq will long be felt. People will be so hesitant to believe any claims that we're going after a country for its WMDs.

"A U.S. intelligence assessment issued last year said Iran halted weapons design work in 2003, and that the nuclear weapons program had not resumed as of mid-2007. Hayden said intelligence still supports that conclusion."

You should also look up the testimony given to the Senate committee on foreign relations in May 2006 and 2007. The witnesses present numerous lines of evidence for the allegations against iran.