Wednesday, October 03, 2007

North Korea Does Care

Just when everyone thought that North Korea was a desolate rogue state that only cares about finding a place of importance in the world, they prove that they actually care about their people. WOO HOO. Everyone take a picture because this does not happen often. It was officially announced today that North Korea has reached a deal with Russia, China, South Korea, and Japan to complete dismantle all of its nuclear facilities by the end of the year. This includes the reactor in Yongbyon which produces plutonium. In exchange for this disabling of nuclear facilities, North Korea will receive 950,00 metric tons of fuel oil or its equivalent in ECONOMIC AID. Yes economic aid. Kim Jong-il might actually have decided that starving his people to death is not a the best viable option. Or maybe the North Koreans got a hold of the picture that shows how lit up the rest of the Korean Peninsula and China is at night. Either way, things are looking up for the North Koreans.

Now this deal does not require North Korea to get rid of all of the technology and parts that have already been acquired already which could pose a threat if another state were to get their hands on them. In order to gain full support of the United States, North Korea must also disclose whether or not they have been supplying Syria with nuclear materials. If this condition is met along with full disabling of facilities by the end of 2007, then the US says it will "enhance mutual trust."

This is also seen as a major victory for the Bush adminstration. This administration, which has suffered through the debacle in Iraq, has shown signs of effectiveness. Not only has they worked with North Korea to disarm, they have also done the same with Libya early in the administration. These smaller victories certainly do not overshadow Iraq, but they do show some credibility, for what it's worth.

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