Saturday, April 01, 2006

Russian preference for Bush over Kerry

Something that I thought of over the last few days why Russian people voted for Bush is because Clinton was responsible for bombing Kosovo. Russian people did not like that decision at all. While most of the Russian people did not support to the decision to invade Iraq, they were more opposed to bombing Kosovo. That is why I think more people supported Bush than Kerry. This is just a theory, let me know what you all think.

UPDATE: The poll results are here.


Anonymous said...

I would highly encourage everyone to go hear Dr. Mayerchak's talk on SE Asia. Dr. Mayerchak is very knowledgable and a terrific professor. He was my mentor in a "past life".

Vicount Pavich said...

I respect the theory of Kosovo playing a role in the decision of the Russian people to support Bush. However, Putin made comments reported by CNN that the reason thr Russian people should support Bush deals with the message it would send if he weren't re-elected. He stated that, even though Russia was against the war in Iraq, not supporting Bush could lead to more widespread global terrorism.